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Rendcem (UK) Limited

We specialise in External Wall Insulation, plastering and external rendering. we serve all types of property, including new builds and refurbishments.

Rendcem (UK) Limited

We specialise in External Wall Insulation, plastering and external rendering. we serve all types of property, including new builds and refurbishments.

Rendcem (UK) Limited

We specialise in External Wall Insulation, plastering and external rendering. we serve all types of property, including new builds and refurbishments.

10 Benefits of External Rendering in Telford

Are you planning to enhance a curb appeal for your home or looking at enlisting your property for sale? Whatever the factor is; external rendering in Telford is the best way to transform the outdated look of your house. You can transform a dated-looking home into an awe-inspiring home with the help of rendering.

You can increase the value of your house if you find a real boost to protect your property to eliminate the dampness. Along with the benefits, you should have a look at some important questions that are answered by our team at Rendcem (UK) Limited.

How Long does External Rendering Last?

Yes, this is one of the important questions that you should ask about rendering because you have to burn a hole in your pocket for buying a property. So, if you are investing your money, you should check the time limit of the duration of rendering.

Now, let’s come back to the answer. If you choose a reliable company for rendering the external part of your home, the rendering can last for 20-40 years. This also depends on the smoothness and clean work.

The common cement-based render can stay more than brick-based render, which can be the reason for bumps, cracks, breakage, and hollow spots. The lime-based renders have good longevity. So, it depends on the type of external wall insulation that you are actually looking for.

Does Rendering Stop Damp?

Condensation is the main reason for dampness in the wall. It is really tough to get rid of the damp once it is caused. External rendering can definitely prevent dampness. Mould and dampness can be the reasons for structural problems. Moreover, mold can be the reason for health issues also. So, it is quite clear that they use rendering to stop damage to the wall that is caused by damp.

Can you Render Over Old Render?

The external wall insulation systems include various types of chemicals that bring luster to the wall. If your house starts damping or your property is old, you can plan to add layers to the wall over the old rendering. However, if the rendering is new or about 5-6 months, re-rendering should not be applied.

Whether you choose a thick or thin layer, you should apply a quality rendering style, so that it can last for a long time.

How Thick Should the Render be on the External Wall?

The concrete rendering or cladding can make the walls of your house weatherproof and water-proof. The durability along with the external finish can last for a long time. Traditional rendering is applied with 2 coats. The primary coat should be up to 15mm thick. The second coat of rendering should be 5-7mm. Usually, the thickness range starts from 2mm-10mm with a single application. You can also apply subsequent coats on the scratch for 30 minutes.

How to Protect Your Property from Bad External Weather?

The external wall installation can defend your property against water ingress, rainfall, and damp issues. If you choose external rendering with the help of the underlying walling materials, it can save your property from harsh weather and the dampness of rainwater.

Remember the external harsh weather can be the reason for various dampness on the wall of your home and office. You have to understand the reason for the damage to the walls. You should also understand why rendering is used on your property.

How to Enhance the Appearance of Your Home with Rendering?

External rendering is not only a style to prevent damage in your home. It can also enhance the appearance of your home and office. Interior decoration or exterior wall paint does not add beauty and luxury to your home. It can enhance the appearance of your house in a luxurious and modern way.

You may also plan whole-house cladding with the help of external wall installation. The installation process needs timber and brick for rendering.

Can You Hide the Poor-Quality Brickwork with External Rendering?

Sometimes simple and crisp finishing in brickwork can hide the cracks and crevices. You have to do a sleek finish on the walls of your home and office. If you want to change the poor-quality old brickwork, you can increase the visual appearance with the help of external insulation.

You can also use cement and bricks to conceal or hide the crevices and cracks on the walls of the house. The brickwork can be of poor-quality. So, if you want to increase the beauty of your house, you can apply the best process of rendering.

Save Your Cost

In comparison to various types of wall rendering or cladding done by different companies, the rendering provided by our company is quite cost-effective than others. The cost of rendering is £35-£60 per square meter. If you want to save on the cost, you can choose a mono-couch render. Silicon render is more expensive, so you should avoid choosing such a rendering style.

Insulate Your House

Unlike the old and traditional paint, you may use pre-colored rendering. This rendering process can insulate your house by preventing UV rays from entering your house. Wall paint is not needed in your house if you choose external rendering for protecting your house. Moreover, you can maintain the temperature in your house. During winter, you can enjoy this pleasure with the help of rendering.

Flawless Lighting

Whether you choose internal or external rendering, the light will definitely reflect in the room. For the photography or the brightness of the house, flawless lighting is the best plan. Maintain the warmth and weather of your room with the help of rendering. Your rooms will look brighter and aesthetic with the help of this lighting.

Summing Up

External rendering in Telford is one of the best ideas if you want to maintain your home properly. Our team in Rendcem (UK) Limited provides you every type of rendering for your home. You can contact us at 01902 451 878 to get our rendering service. You may also shoot us an email at to know more about us.